Convert on premise SQL tables to CSV files and move to an Azure Storage container

Recently I had the challenge to push data from an on premise database (SQL Server 2012) to a container in my storage account. I didn’t had access to the database via ADF and didn’t want to use SSIS. Hello PowerShell, you made my day. (and off course google and stack overflow) Note: this is a temporary solution.

First I created a function that opens a SQL connection and executes a query. The output of that query will be saved as a csv file. Below a part of that function that executes a basic SELECT query and that uses the Export-Csv cmdlet to write the csv file to a directory.

#Fill the dataset

#Write the data to a CSV file using the Export-Csv cmdlet
$dataSet.Tables[0] | Export-Csv -NoTypeInformation `
	   -Path "c:\Temp\Data\$Table.csv" `
	   -Encoding UTF8 `
	   -Delimiter "|"	


I added an array in which I enter the tables needed. A simple loop over that array with the function call to the StartSqlSelect function with one parameter that contains the table name.

$StartDT = get-date

Write Host "Start Export data from tables"
foreach ($Table in $Tables) {
	StartSqlSelect $Table	

The files were now located in my c:\temp\Data folder, next was the upload to the Azure Storage account. However those files can be quite large, therefore we want to compress them first. I use 7zip in this case with a medium compression (hence the -mx parameter).

$DateStr = [System.DateTime]::Now.ToString("yyyyMMddhhmmss")
$src_folder = "C:\Temp\Data"
$destfile = "C:\Temp\sourcesystem_$"
set-alias sz "c:\Temp\7z\x64\7za.exe"  
	sz a -mx=5 $destfile $src_folder

Once the zip was available I started the AzCopy to upload the file to my account.

set-alias azc "c:\Temp\AzCopy\AzCopy.exe"  
	azc /Source:$destfile /Dest:$ /DestKey:{key}

All the code can be found here.

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